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The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

For many question on true belief does not exist. « What difference? » - they inquire, and there and then answer: « the God - one! ».
They are assured, that all variety of modern spiritual ways conducts to one purpose - to the God, and disputes on the validity of this or that belief birth human limitation, intolerance, and even self-interest.
In essence the statement: « the God - one! » - it is indisputable. Really, that Lifewhich has given a life of the Universe, and is the unique reason of the world - the God. It, Great Reason, is born, uniform in essence to It, the Idea: Logos, the God-son, the God-word. Its Word and Its Spirit, Its Knowledge and Its Love, creates and executes the world. The visible Universe - the first Revelation of the Uniform God accessible to us - Trinities.
The second stage of Creation is the Person. Allocated in the Image of the Creator, it is intended to one's the God image. The God image assumes Freedom. It cannot be given to creation by unilateral Will of the Creator. It can be only freely apprehended from the Founder by free will of the creature. Only in this case the creature worshiping, is adopted to the Creator, named « Children of Divine ». It is the purpose and the meaning of the life consists in it, both the separate human person, and all historical mankind. This stage of Divine Creativity still is not completed, though is close to end. The Purpose of Creation is called as " the Life of the next century ». It will inherit everything, accepted the true God: « This is a life eternal, yes know You, the uniform true God, and the sent Toboju Jesus Christ ». (Jn.17:3.) there is « a knowledge of the true God » delivers to the person « a life eternal ».
If any belief conducted to this saving Knowledge to what then it was required to the God among pagan polytheism to create selected people? To protect it, how unique precious spikelet among thorns, in hope once sowing a seed from it an extensive field? What for was a prophetical word, fire and sword ruthlessly to clear of it the slightest tetter of mistake in faith, threatening to ruin germination of true?
Especially, excessive and even shocking, in a view of the statement: « the God one, what difference how to trust? », the evangelical certificate looks. What for the embodiment of the God-son, Its God death and all those passions around of It, not ceased till now was required? In fact, by time of Its phenomenon in the world, people knew set of gods and worshipped to them. And if behind their external distinctions there was a same God if the difference consist only in the form of ceremonies and all ways and so order to Uniform, what for to be to one more? Though, what problems? One have more, one have less … Rome, world power of that time, differed so valued nowadays, toleration. "Gods" of all submitted people perfectly got on in the Roman Pantheon under authority and protection of alive "god" - Caesar. Unless with the invisible God Jew's there were problems. The administrative genius of Rome and diplomacy sanhedrim have given birth to the mutually acceptable compromise: God Iegova has been concluded within the limits of the Jerusalem Temple. In temple territory there was no authority of Rome. There it was authorized to not recognize divinity Caesar. The temple had own, not subject to Rome, the guard, minted own coin without the image of emperor-god. Rome did not interfere in any way with business of a temple. The unknown, exclusive privilege! As well as any compromise, it weighed both parties, generated friction.
The shown Deity of the Christ which has so revolted sanhedrim, at all has not confused Rome on behalf of Pilate. A question which we have begun our conversation: « What difference? The god one! », - in essence the same, as a question from Pilate: « that there is a true? » (Jn.18:38.) only crafty insidiousness high priest's, accused Christ in attempt at authority Caesar, has forced Pilate to approve a verdict. So the religionism and indifferent toleration to true have made murder of God. It, they which are before at enmity, even have become friends: « Also have become that day Pilate and the Tyrant friends between itself for before were in enmity with each other. » (Lk.23:12.)
The embodiment before the invisible God Jew's, appear, solved a problem Roman-Jew's attitudes. It has been made and even Jesus's statue is established in the Pantheon, among set of the gods, people subdued to Rome. However uncompromising fidelity to true has surpassed religionism. And if with fanatical sanhedrim Rome has somehow agreed, Christians, even just for show, flatly, refused render кесарю worship, as to the god, in all rest, remaining the best citizens of Rome. At all formality, the gift of this sign on loyalty to authority Caesar, was perceived by Christians as renunciation of True, the Uniform True God shown by the Christ.
And it, in turn, was attempt at foundations of world empire. And the empire has declared war to followers Crucified. On accepted a precept to love the enemies, all power of the absolute state machinery of all times and people has fallen. Christians, tens thousand, the blood, testified to the belief. This unprecedented « religious war », continued almost three centuries, has subdued the world to the Christ.
Many hundred thousand the confessors who have accepted death for true, at all were not « religious fanatics » as it can seem from ours «tolerant» to time. The fanatic sacrifices the life to deprive with a life of enemies of the belief. The confessor, gives the, to the certificate of true.
Thus, all history of christianity - the sample of religious intolerance to lie. The true, by the nature, cannot suffer lie as ceases to be true, having agreed even with the slightest lie.
While there is a true, the world will resist also. All more persevering requirements of refusal from « claims for true » for the sake of « the world and safety », here and there already turned back criminal prosecution daring to break "world", - a terrible attribute of an approaching end. In twilight half-truth it will be established above the world predicted lawless. Having appropriated Name of Christ, it, similarly to Roman Caesar, will collect in already erected Pantheon of uniform world religion all religious errors of all times and people, will reconcile among themselves all heresies and distortions of christianity. Only the true will be expelled, as "true" it will declare itself (himself). General check of readiness of the world to acceptance of last lie is already lead. The world is ready and enthusiastic, world approval of religious activity testifies to it recently dead Daddies Roman. While only at a religious level, it has made that will soon be carried out with all the power authorities of an arising world empire, Caesar which, will name itself the god, the Christ.
True and Life - one. Also it is the original Christ, instead of synthetic, it is artificial made of world errors. Loss of true, will turn back loss of a life. Such, by the form, harmless and so popular "wisdom": « the God one. What difference how to trust? », extending, approaches the end of the world. Only the belief in true rescues. The belief of lie - ruins.


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006