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The sermon for beginners

The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

There is only one indispensable condition at which the God-life flares up in the person. Before the person should accept the Christ. Not simply sensually to agree, that Jesus my personal savior as Protestants is false learn, but affairs of belief to trace in reason and heart the Its true image.
We, unlike apostles, have no opportunity directly, in human shape, to perceive the Christ. How to us, not seeing It to embody in itself Its true image? Really we, only because were born for two millenia after an embodiment of the God-word, only by virtue of time of the birth, from us not dependent, we can not apprehend gift of Divine Good fortune in any way, similar to volume which was received by Its apostles?
To apostle Fome, for the sake of all of us, sceptic's the future, the Lord has allowed to perceive Itself after the revival. Fome, having convinced personally, there and then professed Its Deity.
Perhaps, for the first time lips human was with such definiteness professing: my Lord and my God! . Such confession and such belief the Lord at people searched. But to Fome It speaks the following: you have believed, because have seen Me: blessed's not seen and believed . (Jn.20:28-29.) It specifies to These, that we living immeasurably after Its embodiment, we can find saving belief and to be happy (blessed's), not less, and probably, even more those who saw It, perceived It and has believed. It promises the pupils: I with you in all days till the end of time . (Mt.28:20.) Not My doctrine , not memory of Me , namely "I"!
As can be, It with us in all days if since time of Its rise anybody from living did not see It in tangible, corporal shape?
Let's address to Holy Writ. Jesus preaches, makes miracles, behind it crowds go. Hearings, an abuse and glory about It are carried on all Judea, and even outside it. It fruits of Its works should interest. And It asks about it the pupils. But It does not ask them: as My sermon was pleasant? , or: what impression was made with My miracles? . It asks: for whom people esteem Me, the Son Human? . (Mt.16:13.) people, the flesh and blood , see in It extremely accessible to their carnal reason: the person selected by the God on special service - the prophet. Dispute only about that, Elijah it, Jeremiah or who from prophets. (sectarians from sect witnesses of Jehovah , on materially-minded the, and to this day so consider. They approve, that Jesus is archangel Michael. That is not the god, the Son Divine, identical substance on a nature to the God, and only Its most perfect creation.) and only Peter, Spirit Sacred professes: You are a Christ, the Son of the God Alive . (Mt.16:16) Here on "stone" of this belief the Lord also promises to create the Church: I speak you: you Peter (stone) and on this stone I shall create My Church, and gate a hell will not overcome it . (Mt.16:18.) There and then It speaks and about the greatest authority inherent only in the God which It will give the Church: Also I shall give you keys of the Kingdom of heaven; also that you will connect on the ground it will be connected in heavens; also that you will resolve on the ground it will be authorized in heavens . (Mt.16:19.)
As tsar, through people with whom it allocates with the authority, always, in all days , is present and the Lord, the Church always with us enters into all business of the empire, And. Church - body Christ's, a pillar and the statement of True. Christs an organism. And as Jesus, being God and Human, showed Itself the Christ - the God, and the Church shows to us the Christ - the God in all days till the end of time . Therefore we, similarly to apostles, can behind visibility of the human organization, contrary to a seeming evidence, to distinguish the divine nature of Church and to accept It. We can, as Pharisees, to be tempted about It, to condemn and stumble about, seeming to us or even valid, sinfulness of the people to all appearances consisting in Church. We can, as Bookmans, shovelled Holy Writ and with a head dug in it and to not learn the Christ living in Church and to betray It on the crucifixion.
In a word, action Divine on election from that world that can be rescueed and to condemnation of that is intended to the death, begun by an embodiment of the Christ, is indissolubly continued by Its Church, It. Therefore to accept the Christ, to embody in mind and heart the Its true image, it is possible only through Its Church.
Accepting Church, we accept the Christ, accepting the Christ, we accept the God: Truly, truly I speak you: accepting the one whom I shall send, Me accepts; and accepting Me, accepts Sent Me . (Jn.13:20)
When the Christ have asked, tempting It: what greatest precept in the law? It immediately absolutely has definitely answered: love the Lord of your God all your heart, and all your all your, and all your understanding : This is the first and greatest precept . (Mt. 22:36-38.) but how to love The one Who cannot be seen? And the Lord specifies the second, similar to it: love near yours, as itself ; On these two precepts the law and prophets affirms. (Mt.22:39-40.)
And here on the followed question: and who my near? It, in the parable about kind Samaritan , specifies Itself (himself).
In the same place, in an image of a holder of hotel to which Samaritan charges to care about suffered from robbers, It clearly specifies Church and Its attendants to which cares It charges the mankind covered with wounds by a sin till time of Its second coming: for other day, driving off, has taken out two dinar, has given a holder of hotel and has told to it: take care of it; and if you will expend that more, I when I shall come back, shall give you . See (Lk.10:29-35.)
Can seem, yes and it seemed to much, (for as crucifed It) that It the blasphemer, obsessed megalomania. And it would be so if It was not That Whom has declared Itself: the Christ, the Son Divine, equal to the God on a nature. But for us, ours for the sake of rescue , become to us "Near".
Giving a precept to us first of all to love Its Most, as the near , It in any way does not select our love from associates us. On the contrary, only love to It which is necessarily expressed in execution of Its precepts, ( Who has My precepts and observes them, that loves Me ). (Jn.14:21.) allows us to love correctly and really associates.
Still time we shall recollect the basic ideas of this conversation, which are necessary for remembering what to proceed further, in an inner world:
* the true God (Life) it is possible to incorporate, only through love.*
*The God the Father testifies the love to people the Son - through the Christ.*
*Answered by love on love of the Son, find from the God-father gift of Life Eternal.*
*Our the love to the God is only when we execute precepts Him.*
*To execute precepts, (to love the Christ) it is necessary, similarly to apostles, to see It, to hear It, to live with It, learning from It. It is possible and to us.*
*Christ, a flesh and blood, the Church, stays in the world in all days, till the end of time .*
What is the True Church? How to learn It among set of modern "churches"? Why so it is a lot of them? Whether all is equal how to trust, if the God one - questions of our nearest conversations.


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006