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The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

On advantage, "Kingdom of heaven" is represented to us a certain similarity of a terrestrial monarchy, only with accomplished, heavenly board . The nominee of the monarch is not discussed at all. It is natural, that it is Jesus Christ. On our icons It is represented in imperial clothes, on a throne, with a crown on a head, with a scepter and orb in hands.
True lives eternal the Lord also announces, mainly in images of the Empire. Only in one Gospel from Matthias ten Its parables are started by words: similarly to the Kingdom of heaven . Whether it means, what It is measured to head personally the eternal heavenly monarchy arranged on similarity terrestrial? Whether it means, what, here twenty centuries, in literal sense is declared, and goes, a set of citizens in Its Empire? How to understand this Empire? What place in it is allocated to us?
In the Gospel from Matthias we read: Tsar what on Its right party will tell: come, blessed My Father, inheritthe Empire,prepared to youfrom creation of the world (Mt.25:34.) Thus, proceeding from direct sense of the resulted words,we if we shall appear are suitable, are called to reign. As that tsar who inherits an empire. For, if we were offered to become a citizen simply it would be offered to us to enter into the Empire . But it is told: "inherit". And all inheriting, are erected in imperial advantage.
To present, as it is concrete, in what forms "Empire" will be carried out, it is impossible. For did not see that eyes, did not hear an ear and that did not come on heart to the person that the God loving has prepared for It . (Is. 64:4.) we shall better try to understand an essence necessary for us in our present position.
The Lord has told: will not come Heaven of God perceptible in the image, and will not tell: here, it here , or: here, there . For here, Heaven of God inside of you is . (Lk.17:20-21.) Pharisees, as well as sectarians of sect witnesses Jehovah , the Messiahs expected a terrestrial empire, were disappointed with such answer and crucified It. To us, got used to see sources of our blessings and our troubles in a successful or unsuccessful combination of external circumstances, and interested persons of their change, such answer also seems an excuse. Therefore and we crucifing the Christ, turn away from It. We are inclined to trust any who will promise to us the fast and easy decision of our essential problems. Are ready plunge in any sect, will trust in any charlatan, to be betraid to the most doubtful religious practice, if only to receivedesired to us"miracle". We in any way shall not understand a simple thing: Everything, that we wish to receive from the god and that quickly and easily as if we receive at fortunetellers, sorcerers, enchantress and other healers and miracle-worker, all gifts divine with which sectarians entice us, all promises of relatives terrestrial empires Jehovah and a lukewarm place in it, these are imaginary, false values. They will inevitably be taken away from us. Both health, and a prosperity, both success and dreams of an earthly paradise, and "supernatural" abilities, it for this inevitably lost by us, a life. And in fact the promise of these blessings entice us in sects, and behind them there are we to sorcerers and fortunetellers. It is all a tinsel, a glass beads for Papuans for whom we give original treasure: Gift of the Life Eternal. We give the imperial advantage. An empire in which we can reign, we change on a lentil soup. For time, we give eternal.
The god-love announces to us True and offers, eternal, original values. We do not see them and we do not understand It.
To mountain! To mountain to us! We have eyes and ears, but have gone blind and have become deaf. Seeing, it is not visible. Hearing, it is not heard. Thinking, it is not understood. All it on our arrogance, on propensity to exalt and to condemnation. On our enthusiasm of passion.
That Pharisees the Lord has told about the Empire Divine that was not pleasant to them the same as is not pleasant to us, is to essential, most necessary us, knowledge. The one who has opened in itself(himself) Empire of God, ceases to require, for all is applied to it. (MT.6:33.)
About imperial advantage and applicability of the person, in the Bible set of places. As tsar is located in imperial chambers, places of other quality and property, than all its other empire, and the person is initially placed in separated from the world of "ground", to " garden of Eden . As the life of tsar is more various and more richly opportunities, than a life of the commoner so the life of an inner world in which the person lived, in dialogue good luck and sacred angels, was much richer than a life of its empire - the biological nature. As tsar during a life of all empire, and to the person have been opened and equally accessible two worlds, two standards of living: spiritual and biological. carnal of Adam there was other, than we: is more thin, more powerful, infinitely more richly on the properties and opportunities, it is similar to a body of the revived Christ. The reason is immeasurably stronger, feelings are sharper. It was an integral and harmonious essence, top of Creation, Tsar of the nature. It has been created in "light" and placed in "light".
Gift of the Life Eternal cannot be imposed to creation by unilateral will of the Creator. Violently imposed goods - the greatest harm, and is not compatible to love. This Gift can be apprehendedonly freelyand only then it - the greatest blessing. Freedom - the integral property of Love. Property of godlike. "Light" - the world of angels, affirms, as the union of eternal love, as the answer of loving creation to love of the Creator. Affirms, as coauthorship to It.
In this "light" already created by a free choiceof light forces, the person is located. The person is free in the world of "light" because can leave it, but can andis free connect itselfwith itlove. But its freedom, till a time, is not realized, exists, as potential as freedom is realized by a choice. Light spirits once have chosen between Love and temptation of self-affirmation, between the God and the rebelled satan. Process of this choice Holy Writ names war in the sky . Their choice was conscious and free, so, responsibl.
The person still only should make the choice between "light" and darkness. But how to choose, if other party of an opportunity of a choice, "darkness", to it is not conducted? How to the Loving Creator to give conducting "darkness" to favourite creation if it, this conducting, is griefs, illness and death? To deprive with its choice, to choose for it, means to deprive with its completeness of a life of "light", to deprive with "Empire", to assimilate kind, but to the limited animal.
The drama of fall at times is represented to us event which could and to not be. It can be interpreted in images of a crime, fault, Adam's which has drawn a damnation on its all posterity the annoying oversight. Similar images in the certain degree are comprehensible and help to come nearer to understanding of an essence of an event to a certain extent.
But the fall should be. Non-realized freedom of a choice would deprive with stability an empire by Adam. Potential falling always would threaten it. And if the Old testament speaks about a crime, fault, anger, a damnation, fear - New testifies to Love. Love of the God-father to the younger son which is uncomplaining, with a worthy part of a manor the Father releases in the world full of danger. Which It infinitely-is patiently waits. To which has prepared for unknown glory. (see Lk. 15:11-32.)


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006