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Chanting of triod fast

Chanting of triod fast

The third release of "educational use" - "church chanting of the triod fast". Its demand is caused by that church chanting of the Great Post are executed some times in a year and it is more complex learn in comparison with services of a year circle.
The collection is traditionally focused on a small choir with the limited opportunities, the selection of church chanting basically " in a third ", that allows execution by incomplete structure. If on your choir there are no man's voices, offered church chanting can sing all of the woman on the top line. Low female voices can execute a party of the tenor. However some church chanting contain in the top voices of a sixth (a wide arrangement) which also if necessary can be executed without man's voices.
The musical collection is completed by an audiocassette that allows choristers to study without music education church chanting on hearing, remembering movement of a melody under notes.
As to execution " Yes my pray " will be corrected, according to the charter it is sung unanimously by the reader with a refrain of chorus. However in modern tradition this church chanting executes a trio opposite to central аналоя, and the basic chorus sings. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to allocate from chorus a strong trio and to leave choristers on refrains, we result examples of more complex variants of this church chanting. If such opportunity is not present, everyday " yes will be corrected " executed solo, either regent, or the reader on the second voice without increase.

Examples for acquaintance

2-nd song of Great penitential canon PDF | mp3
Let my pray will be corrected PDF | mp3

Wholesale price of the collection 3 $ ~ 2.5 €


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