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Chanting of Sacraments

Chanting of Sacraments

The fifth release of "educational use" - church chanting of Sacraments. Practically all sacraments, since a christening of the person and finishing burial service can and should be decorated by singing of chorus.
We also have included church chanting in the given collection diocesan liturgies (sacrament Divine Eucharist) on which the sacrament priesthood is made.
Church chanting are picked traditionally up the most simple (in a third), the calculated on nonprofessional or incomplete chorus. Also an audiocassette the complete set is traditional for the facilitated learning " on hearing ".
Repeating church chanting are printed once. So prokimen on a christening and on Te Deum with consecration water the same. Songs " Isaie exult " are sung both at wedding, and at priesthood with little changes of the text and sequence of execution, however the same tune.
Church chanting of requiem and burial service are given in full, therefore it is necessary to coordinate with the prior sequence and volume of singing according to with each concrete case.

Examples for acquaintance

Prokimen on wedding PDF | mp3
With the saints PDF | mp3

Wholesale price of the collection 3 $ ~ 2.5 €


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