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The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

The future issue of "Watchtower" from 15.02.2006, however, as well as all previous, is devoted expected to " empire of Jehovah . As it is promised to all to us in the near future, it is necessary to stop more in detail on messianic expectations of these "Christians".
Heresy of this sort enough an ancient origin. It is long since known under the name: heresy of jewman . This historical name only specifies a source of this tradition of interpretation of the Bible. In the Bible the promise Divine about an establishment of an empire of the Messiah-Christ contains. It is predicted, that people will obey this Empire all, that to it there will be no end.
By time of coming of Christ Jews, in the majority, began to understand bible prophecies as the promise of the God politically to subdue it and their Messiahs, all nations of the world. They began to expect, as witnesses Jehovah now wait, for a terrestrial empire of the Messiah in which they, by the right of an accessory on a flesh to sort of Abraham, begin to dominate over the world. The eternity and indestructibility of this empire, according to these expectations, will be provided with the God. As It, through the Anointed sovereign, Itself will operate the eternal empire.
Actually, in the Bible it is a question of the Empire of the True, new Israel - people Divine, consisting of everything which have accepted True - the Christ. It Promise was executed to the full. Two millenia to that, the mankind, hardly was not disappeared from debauch and violence, has spiritually revived in the Christ. In mankind the seed of the wife , - Church Hristova has arisen promised. By a word to State day, all this time in the world went and meanwhile still there is an enmity between a seed of the wife and a seed of kite (See the Life. 3:15). Everything, accepted the Christ and testified the belief a life, and the main thing, death, decapitated for Jesus's certificate and for word of God (Aff.20:4), make itself new Israel - people Divine, selected by the Christ of all accepted It (subdued by True) people. All has come true in accuracy! It is predicted as, that this election will last any time - one thousand years while in people not will grow cold love trues and consequently the God connive to be established above the world illegally, to the son of death who will sit in a temple Divine as the God . It will appropriate a name Divine, will name as the Christ-Messiah, will declare the world terrestrial empire. Above the world to be established the greatest lie. This empire is very fast will address for people the most severe, bloody and unprecedented tyranny. The grief will be unknown. Favour Divine this time will be short. The second coming the Son Human, future on a cloud with great power and glory (Lk.21:27.) will abolish an empire of the lie-god. New Jerusalem will descend from "sky", there will be a new sky and the new ground which inherit all selected by the Christ. This empire, the beginning to which is necessary already now in showers human then it will be established visible, under the new sky and on the new ground. It also will be an eternal empire of the Messiah-Christ. Witnesses Jehovah preach and expect a terrestrial empire of the Messiah. A terrestrial empire of the Messiah those who crucifed expected also the Christ. Therefore and crucifed It. An ancient origin, survivability and deafening success this heresy as then, and during our spiritually become scanty time, speaks, first of all, that it addresses exclusively to a flesh human. The flesh and blood simply likes such religion. It corresponds to its animal desires. It flatters hope on familiar and clear to it pleasure. The pictures representing happy inhabitants of close paradise, with full baskets of high-quality vegetables and fruit, with cosy small houses at the river, the kind lions playing with children, should excite exhausted eternal need a flesh, should touch grieving carnal heart. The consolatory dream supported by authority of the Bible, lights up in it.
That only did not prove by means of the Bible! One only sects, by the Bible of errors proving "validity" nowadays it is totaled more than three thousand. But if very much it would be desirable why to not believe? As it what to appear among happy inhabitants of the close paradise, much it is not necessary. Follows only well itself to a message, to study the Bible under an obligatory management of "tower" and to go on houses (God forbid to read still something, and furthermore to think). Well and the Messiah will eliminate a harm, and the ground becomes paradise . (Item a tower from 15.02.06 l.7)
The fairy tale is good and useful, when the spiritual trues containing in it, are understood spiritually and spiritually realized. Because essential change of a spiritual condition, in itself, influences a material life and changes it. But when the fairy tale becomes true story when it try to carry out, manually, roughly elimination of an external harm , blood human starts to flow. If a few to become thoughtfull, in the sermon of "witnesses" of a close earthly paradise it is possible to find out easily to a pain (in literal sense) familiar to all to us features. We more recently passed it.
The history learns, that it learns nothing. Alas!
We still had not time to creep out from under fragments of crashing terrestrial communistic paradise. This attempt of realization of century dream of an empire of freedom in which road a breast to lay to itself was necessary elimination of a harm - a class of exploiters, is paid by tens, if not hundreds millions lives, among which valid exploiters of unit. Then, all the same religious-messianic idea new Pharisees tried to triumph over the world in the form of social world revolution. Not casually in idea of the communistic paradise, many noticed religious features: "prophets" - Marx-Engels, "Messiah" - Lenin, "church" - a party. And that party rituals, the moral code, cleanliness of numbers, mind, honour, conscience , cost?! All it is hardly forgotten, but already promise new paradise. And again on the ground. Even to die it is not necessary. It is necessary only to eliminate a harm on behalf of carriers of a harm - "sinners".
"Messiah" of witnesses of Jehovah also undertakes this doubtful work. The spiritual blindness of those who believes should reach what degree, what given to us a precept love the enemies , Itself begins to finish with the enemies?! Up to what degree it is necessary to be far from spirit of evangelical love that so to understand the Gospel?
It is obvious, that "witnesses" preach and expect a terrestrial empire of the one who will come for small time instead of the Christ, before Its Second Coming. Once it is the sermon of "witnesses" will collect necessary number of "dreamers" and a terrestrial empire of their "Messiah" will attack small time. It is predicted by the Bible. Do not allow us to live the God then. It is terrible. But it is even more terrible to approach it, accepting and preaching this disastrous pharisaic heresy. Sad experience of all previous attempts of an establishment paradise on the ground , speaks about sad destiny of their builders. And this time, instead of banana paradise , there will be a lake fiery .
.S. To all told there is an authentic and consistent acknowledgement in the Bible. Detailed citing here is lowered on lack of a place. The interested person in details to familiarize with history and lie of this totalitarian sect we can give the extensive information.


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006