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Chanting Passionate Week

Chanting Passionate Week

The sixth release of " educational use " - Church chanting Passionate Week are the culmination of all divine service circle, getting married a holiday of Sacred easter. But owing to the extremely rare execution (once a year) they are least known singers, despite of all importance of events, recall on services of this Week. Their exclusive importance means the special attitude to preparation to these services as in cathedral churches with a professional choir, and on small arrivals with amateur chorus.
In this edition we have kept the same approach to drawing up, as before: the close arrangement " in a third ", simplicity of church chanting and a traditional complete set an audiocassette for independent learning " on hearing ", to all this should promote assimilation of the offered musical material.
Considering that the volume of church chanting on Passionate Week is very great, we have begun our collection with Great Thursday (proceeding from practice приходского services), and did not include product which are usually sung on a voice (for example, antifons of morning Great the Heel). The text of these church chanting is recommended to spread out independently to a melody of a corresponding voice, using "Osmoglasnik". The Same recommendations concern to complex tunes which, probably, it it will not be possible to learn at once ("To you putting on").

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