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The sermon for beginners

The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

We, in the majority, live passions. Testing inclinations, we aspire to satisfy them. Satisfying - we take pleasure. In reception of pleasures we see sense and the purpose of a life. To us it is known, at least, we have heard, that there is also other sense at a life, there are also other purposes. Speak, that the some people reached them and found incomparable pleasure. The few went it by. But now it become depopulated excessively. And passions - here they, a number. Satisfy and enjoy. Honour is insignificant, and is! Actually, passions is, accessible to our supervision, display of development in us death. That is perceived by us as a life, the God-life is named by death, "darkness". We, in Its eyes, - "deadmen".
How to understand it? In fact in our perception the death is the termination of all functions of our body. When eyes do not see, ears do not hear, language not speaking, the nose does not smell, the throat does not swallow, hands do not perceive, legs do not move, and the main thing, does not breathe a breast and heart does not fight. While there is a breath and blood flows in veins even if feelings have given up, and there is no movement, in our opinion still early to speak about death. But the Lord, all us, still corporally healthy, seeing, hearing, smelling, perceiving, moving names deadmen... In what has put?
We Shall try to understand. We shall take advantage for this purpose of the rests of that, perhaps, highest of known to us, attributes of a life which will not mention in the above-stated list - ability to think. It is not mentioned us for the reason, that for a biological life this ability though it and opens unknown opportunities, is absolutely not obligatory. The wildlife perfectly does without it. All variety of displays of a natural life is successfully adjusted by biological laws. The life, even the maximum animals, goes an external regulator - an instinct. An instinct of self-preservation and preservation of a kind, continuation of a sort, protection and training of posterity. The nature does not show moral requirements, does not demand a moral choice, does not require figurative thinking. In it there is no goods-harm. It is self-sufficient and eternal in the circulation. It - once in perfection the created, started and perfectly debugged mechanism.
The person, obviously is not entered in natural harmony. Our civilization is deeply hostile to the nature, destructive for it. Ecological, power, climatic and other crises of our time incontestably confirm it.
We Shall fix the obvious fact: the person with the thinking, morals and freedom of a moral choice is alien to the nature, not necessary to it. Its occurrence does not follow in any way from natural necessity and looks the extremely undesirable for its life. It is not expedient and not evolutional.
The Mankind is obvious not from this world. In relation to the nature of the Earth we newcomers, aliens a civilization. Alien, aggressive, severe, greedy. With the nature the mankind describes not casually attitudes in images of "conquest", "struggle", "war". It is spoken, certainly, and about "peaceful co-existence". But it, mainly, « good intentions ». Actually there is a full-scale war. There, where the person - poisonous desert of "civilization" wins. Where the nature - won running wild, primitive tribes. But the outcome of this great fight, similar, is already predetermined.
I deliberately tried to consider attitudes of the person with the nature in т. н. "Materialistic" categories. But within the limits of these categories there is no answer to the mainest question: Biologically, a body, we a flesh from a flesh of fauna. But the kernel of our person contains properties, anywhere more in the nature of the Earth, not meeting and in any way not following from natural, expedient necessity. This kernel - soul human. Our person. Conceiving, feeling, realizing the self-identity. It, actually, also is we. At times it seems, that in our body, as in the biological device which the flesh from a flesh terrestrial, lives the newcomer from other world. The valid state of affairs is those.
But then who we? Whence have undertaken? How have appeared here? Where we leave? The vulgar materialism does not have intelligible answers. We shall ask religion.
Holy Writ testifies to "sky" - the world reasonable aeriform's forces. The forces possessing free will. Forces moral and self-defined. A degree of their freedom, so also a degree of a life, immeasurably above a life which was made with "ground". A life familiar to us. A biological life. And though we are deprived an opportunity directly to behold and perceive a life of "sky", but it is too much signs as external, and inside of us, speaks us: « There someone is ». Thus, it is a question of existence of the third, except for two, well familiar to us, a standard of living. So, to us qualitatively various three floors of a universe are known, at least. It, we shall list on ascending, mineral, biological and spiritual. To inhabitants of each world, except for own, the underlaying worlds are opened also all. Therefore a degree of freedom so also lives, after an ascention, increases. On degression - goes down. Falling from a level on a level downwards, also is death, in our understanding of sense of this word. Transition upwards - revival. And if downwards we fall external force upwards is necessary for transition, the miracle is necessary, the God is necessary.
When in a biological body processes of a biological life stop, it from a biological level falls on a level of a mineral life. The moment of this falling, is the moment of death. At once behind it, only mineral form of a life - disintegration is accessible to a body. But still long enough time a body keeps some attributes and properties of the former, biological nature while completely it will not be dissolved in the mineral world. When the Lord names us, such as it seems to us, alive - deadmen, It at all does not wish to offend or humiliate us. It specifies to these our valid condition in relation to an inner world. And though we, similarly to a decaying corpse, keep some attributes of a former accessory to the world of which have dropped out: still somehow we think, we know about morals, are capable to any creativity and even to self-sacrifice, we are deprived a life of "sky", so, deadmen for it.
Thus, all our universal "spirituality", all our "advantages" with which we are proud before fauna and with which so unreasonably we use, - only pity fragments once the lost riches. The poor treasures of the beggar collected on a dump. Our human nature really once has undergone to death. Death immeasurably more fierce, more irreparable, entailed incomparably greater losses, than forthcoming us, so the friend and so frightening us, biological death. And if it was impossible to do with it of anything the God-love would not began to disturb us. Would leave us alone with our small pleasures. Consequences of this, the first, death, still have not fallen upon us to the full, we only anticipate them. When will fail, been distressed, our last refuge - a body when we will be overtaken with death the second, only then we shall test all fierce the first, spiritual death.
We already now, at this life, can coming to life for an inner world, to become communicant's « the first revival », to derthrow authority above ourselves death of the second. (see Rev.20:4-6.) we Become, if we shall comprehend, that ours « spiritual riches », all ours « pleasures of a life » - rags the beggar, outcasting them and we shall follow Told: « Blessed beggars spirit for them there is a Kingdom of heaven.


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006