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The sermon for beginners

The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

And in what, actually, a problem? Whom do not ask, everyone will tell, that loves the God and wishes to be with It. Moreover, it is assured, that carries It in heart... And the God loves us. It is known to everyone. And our life all is more gloomy, griefs and illnesses are multiplied, and the death owns all. From what so?
Actually we not only do not love the God, but also are deeply hostile to It. History of knees of Israel, people Divine, - history opposition to the God. It is noted by execution and repudiate the expected Messiah-Christ. Only the few have learned and have accepted It. Twenty centuries of christianity - twenty centuries opposition to True. Based on the Deity of the Christ, the True is invincible for « врат hellish ». But what only persecutions it was not erected for this time for true Christs and Its church! Behind all it stood and cost, same, as we, people.
Wishing to know True and to follow It, always it appeared a little. « Because are close gate and the way is narrow, leaders during a life, and the few find them ».(Mt.7:14.) Our obvious animosities to True occurs contrary to our nature. And though practically all mankind very few people realizes it really opposes to the God and wants it. Apostle Paul has expressed this contradiction so: « … I do not understand, that I do; because not that I do, that I want, and that I hate, I do ». (Rome.7:15.) This paradox cannot be understood without taking into account influence of an inner world on our terrestrial life. Therefore we shall address to the beginning of Creation.
Bible Revelation so testifies to it: « In the beginning the God has created the sky and the ground ». (Genesis 1:1) the Word "sky" here designates an inner world, the world of thin materiality, powers, "forces". The world of spirits. The world « heavenly forces aeriforms ». Allocated by reason, they once were freely defined in infinite variety of Light of Love Divine. It is persistent staying in the God, eating Its Light, they became light spirits of creation, reason, knowledge, favour, long-suffering, fidelity, gratitude. They have formed "light", the world of creative service spirits - angels.
Third « heavenly forces aeriforms » has disappeared from the God, carried away there is mighty and fine spirit which, having realized the perfection, has become proud, has dreamed « above stars to uplift the throne » and became satan - the opponent Divine. The spirits keen by it were defined already outside of the God, in a shadow of a satan opposing to the God. They became spirits of rage, lie, decay, envy, sewage, disbelief and an abuse. « A name it - a legion ». They have formed "darkness", the world of destroyers and seducers of Creation - demons.
The god separates "light" from "darkness". (Genesis 1:4) Decay and death are alien to the God-life. "Darkness" is incompatible with clemency Divine. It is not privy to It. It is offensive to Creation. « External » the area of the fallen spirits is called as Darkness. It is area of absolute nonexistence, eternal death. Hostile to the Source of the Life and Movement, it immobile, is passive, powerless. Not having own life, it is shown only in destruction. Not having own force, it eats the energy allocated at disintegration, decomposition of Creation. Given to herself, it freezing, is not shown in any way, ceases to exist. But it is necessary to any life to run into its area as "darkness" comes to life. It snatches on a victim, is shown by ulcers of decomposition, decay, death.
The understanding of "darkness", as certain self-sufficient malicious force, actively, on equal, resisting "light", at war with it is deeply erroneous. Actually, angrily eats disintegration of goods. Malicious is the damaged, spoiled goods. Once the person has run into area of "darkness". With the « a worthy part of a manor » - the material, visible world, it has fallen prey to "darkness". A sin - secession from the God-life, the death and decay were included into its world, have amazed its most. "Darkness" has come to movement. Such abundance peep "darkness" still did not know.
Disintegration and decomposition have laid down in a basis of laws of our breaking up world. The death was established in it. The second law of thermodynamics, the law entropy, approves: our world is final. The sun will die away, planets will heat up. The matter will break up. World energy will in regular intervals be distributed in world space. Movement will stop and all will stand.
In wildlife the law of love and mutual utility - symbiosis - began to be superseded steadily by the law of struggle for existence. In vegetative and fauna there were aggressive kinds. Fruitless and useless for others, all forces directed on struggle, they steadily expel good variety of the nature, in the long term, promising the world of winners: an empire ambrosia, teeming rats, with the superperson in the chapter.
Terrible, irreversible changes have occured with the person.
It directly concerns each of us, therefore it is necessary to stop on it more in detail. As in to ourselves we can observe all attributes of this illness, which name - death. Most terribly that we practically do not feel "darkness". Its authority above us is represented to us the blessing, and even gives pleasure. Consequences of its influence on us: illnesses and death, we have recognized objective and have reconciled to them. The Greatest, that we wish - to win back at illnesses and death ten-other years what to prolong pleasures. And inevitably we die in fear...
But as though process of that knowledge did not seem, that actually occurs to us sad and even excessive, in fact we basically feel ourselves by way of, it is absolutely necessary. Comprehension of the illness is unpleasant, but useful, for can induce us to search for the Doctor.
Defeat of our nature by "darkness" extensively and variously. Our will is deformed, the reason is perverted, our intimate feelings are perverted. Our good and natural properties, given to us the Creator for perception of good completeness of Its life, were perverted and have turned to passions. Lawful needs of a flesh has turned back gluttony and fornication. Ability to be pleased to gift of a life by all feelings, has degenerated in voluptuousness, voluptuousness. Gift of love was perverted in lust and, having become isolated on itself, has turned back egoism. Thrift became greed and has generated, having conceived from arrogance, envy. The judiciousness and care grow in cowardice, modesty and chastity have changed hypocrisy slyness and lie.
But monstrous our falling would not be what, in us lives and « other law ». And though, in essence, in us there is no either the truth, or a love, the God, we, in the majority, sincerely wish all it. And only one this desire of True gives the God the right and an opportunity to search and rescue us. Therefore also will erect the God among a Flood of a sin an invincible ark of rescue - Church.
Spirits of "darkness" have found the embodiment in us. Amplifying our decomposition, they materialized so, that began to find independent essence, began to operate about all with increasing force, visible to be under a kind of " space hierarches » and teachers of mankind. Their ultimate goal - to close on itself this our desire of love and the truth, having deprived with us, thus, last opportunity of rescue, and the God - the rights to search and rescue us. To this purpose serves pseudo-faith, called to change for itself the God and to supersede True. Therefore the most terrible and final action of "darkness" on us occurs when we accept devilish "charm" for revelation Divine.


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006