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Chanting of Sacred Easter

Chanting of Sacred Easter

The fourth release of "educational use" - church chanting of Sacred Easter. Easter is the center of a year divine service circle and each choir aspires to faultless execution of this service.
Our edition, first of all, is focused on small приходские chorus, and also on choristers without music education. Therefore the musical collection is completed by an audiocassette for learning a melody on hearing. Almost all church chanting are with rare exception picked up " in a third ", that execution by incomplete structure (at absence of man's voices it is possible to sing only to women on the top line and to achieve harmonious sounding) allows. First of all, the collection is focused on learning of church chanting and consequently repeating texts are written once, and pages where they are printed further are specified. In order to prevent pauses during divine service it is recommended to use in such cases bookmarks.
The canon of Easter is sung not only on Easter morning, but also in the subsequent Sunday divine services up to end Easter, since a week of wives chrismbearing, with connection Virginsong. Therefore we have included богородичны in an easter canon, however we pay special attention that is direct on easter service they are not sung.
Confusions of a canon are given by an alternative everyday tune, at desire they can sing all easter canon.

Examples for acquaintance

Christ has arisen PDF | mp3
Though and in a coffin PDF | mp3

Wholesale price of the collection 3 $ ~ 2.5 €


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