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The sermon for beginners

The page is conducted by priest Alexander Ilmensky

p. Alexander

Here nine years as I make vicarial service at myself in village in a curacy. This period of time has shown, that the attitude of inhabitants of our village to Church is ambiguous. In it there is nothing unexpected. And should be. In fact the Christ was what to divide. It testifies to it. The branch of goods from a harm, wheats from darnel, election from that perishing world that can be suitable by a life eternal, " to collect and rescue lost " (Mt. 18:11), for this purpose Hes also has come. To the pupils, Churches, It predicts the destiny similar to : " If Me drove, will drive also you; if My word observed, will observe also yours ". (Jn. 15:20) therefore under our attitude to True (to the Christ and Its Church) we shall be judge and are divided in eternity.
To be defined, time, time of our life is given to us. The main complexity of this problem consists that the true and lie are indistinguishably mixed, moreover, lie the truth - lie is represented to us the truth, and. The human reason, what high it would not seem, here is powerless. Any wise man, understanding it, has not dared to declare possession True. " The true is not known by anybody " - here top of human wisdom - " we can possess only Its part! ".
And only once Somebody in Whom all saw let unusual, but the person, has told about Itself: " I am the Way, True and the Life ". Its contemporaries have not born such blasphemy. The impudent fellow crucifed. First and last claim for possession completeness of True, excepting obvious madwomen seemed, reliable stoped. That has followed further, did not keep within any frameworks of habitual common sense. Pity group pupils Crycifed, mans simple and not book, from shivering " fear for the sake of judaic " fishmans, turns to ardent preachers of absolutely mad doctrine: as if The one Whom crucifed and in which revival they still more recently refused to eat the Son Divine, equal to the God. The God! Also that this mad doctrine, avalanchely accrueing is even more amazing, finds to itself supporters at all among savages and barbarians, but, first of all, submits to itself Hellenes and Jews - the refined philosophers and refined seminary students. What has occured? What such these straight mans that did not know people which have erected Moses have informed, David and Solomon, Sokrat, Platon and Aristotel? What such True, unknown before, it was possible to formulate it?
The validity has appeared unexpectedly simple. They, heart learned after « image of the slave » the promised Savior, left all and followed It, gone through Its Glory and It humiliation, trusted and not trusted Its Revival, encouraged by Its Rise and Its memories which have kept fidelity, once, having gathered It for the sake of in « to a room shut », have been overtaken « Power from above ». The god the Way, the God True, the God the Life was installed in them and has filled with their life! They simply went and told, carried on the world « a good message » that has occured in Jerusalem. And there was there that in the world, on the ground « the life was, and we saw and we testify and we announce to you this eternal life » (1Jn. 1:2.) Here it also is that fact which was constant before eyes of listeners of the apostolic sermon. People listened, looked at apostles and saw, that it really any new people. Extremely vigorous, extraordinary strong spirit, with amazingly acute mind which has begun to see clearly in the future, with any unusual bodies, absolutely painless, radiated vivifying currents so patients, touching them, recovered. These people at all did not know fear of death. And it wanted to people to be those, as apostles. They asked, what for this purpose it is necessary to make? To them answered: first leave your way of life and live on precepts. Are christened in the name of Jesus Christ and do that and that, and you will see, that will regenerate and become as we. And people executed and were done similar to apostles, and glorified Executed the Prophet, and named its God.
While the Christ lived with pupils and worked wonders and even has given them authority, to create them, they and did not think to name its God. But when into them has hammered in a life a key. When they have seen, that in them there was any force which regenerating and does them absolutely new people. When they have understood, that it is execution of that their Teacher promised them to give, they have not doubted to name Its "Life", т. е. The god. Have believed to Its revival to which did not trust even then when It it was after the death. Also have safely announced to the world: « The life » was. And we saw, and we testify and we announce to you this eternal life. And they could not refuse it already not only « fear for the sake of Judaic », but also before those tortures, tortures and executions to which they were subjected by persecutors of christianity. The great Christian civilization, from a faceless ant hill of Roman empire rolling in violence and debauch, showed variety Christian people. For two millenia has given sense and the purpose both personal, and the general life.
We again live in days of great deviation. We again plunge into a faceless ant hill of the new world order rolling all in the same debauch and violence. As weakens light in process of removal from a source so has weakened in Christians of last time the certificate of the life which once have subdued the world. The Christ who has shown "Life" a lot of, predicts it. "Lawlessnesses" It names the reasons on which « in many will grow cold love ».
Still time we shall address to an essence of Saving Transformation. Apostles have received gift of the Life Eternal at all as a result of any religious actions. They did not know and not could know « what will kissing this ». Any strengthened posts and prays, impositions of the hands, and other rituals they did not make profound studying Holy Writ, what « to receive Spirit "." The spirit breathes, where wants ». Its arrival, always gift of Good fortune, favour Divine. It, by the nature of Freedom, cannot be subordinated to rituals and rules. It it is impossible to force « to come and be installed in us » by the right reads in Holy Writ and promises any way appropriated to, or by virtue of the perfect ceremonies. There is only one indispensable condition at which « the Life » flares up in the person: in heart and reason human, the true shape of the Christ should be written carefully out! And only then the Spirit of True is installed in the person. The Christ revives. And then, by a word of the Apostle, « … any more I live, but there lives in me the Christ. (Gal.2:20.) Writing in heart and the reason of true shape Christ's - business of human efforts. Apostles repudiated themselves, have left all and have followed to It. They have reverentially combined the Word of True in the hearts and have embodied Its image. They it is real, made business of belief. And the image traced by their works, Good fortune Divine come to life, and this business already Divine. Come to life and they. «From their belly flowed the rivers of water alive». (Jn.7:38.)
Really only those, few lucky persons directly seen and perceived the Christ have received to the full gift of the Life? In fact image Christ's transferred by them, by all means, on a nature human, should die away, grow dull and be deformed. To acquire features alien to Its Spirit. To lose essential and main.
Actually and sectarians, declaring reducers true of belief approve. Fortunately, the Lord has not entrusted rescue of mankind to hands human. It rescues all through the Church. As well as why it occurs, we shall try to explain and understand in detail in following conversation. For now we shall be limited to the statement: to learn, behind visibility of the human organization what seems to us Church, « body Christ's », « a pillar and the statement of True », not a smaller feat, than behind Jesus's mankind to learn and accept the Christ - the God.


© ier. David Zanin, 2005-2006