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Following part of educational use - osmoglasnik. It is most demanded on the arrivals, aspiring to make divine services precisely observing the church charter. The choir owning skills гласового of singing, can sing any service without additional grants.
The collection is traditionally focused on a small choir. The same convenient arrangement " in a third " is kept, allowing to sing any structure (from one up to four voices) and a complete set an audiocassette for choristers without music education not familiar with a musical notation.
At drawing up of the collection we considered various singing traditions and consequently in those voices which have various variants tune, we have included appendices with an alternative tune.
On the cartridge in the beginning of each voice exclamation канонарха is given, allowing on hearing to define what voice church chanting are executed. In appendices the incomplete variants calculated on independent imposing of the text of other church chanting on гласовую a melody are given. However in the basic variant of church chanting are painted more full counting upon choristers still not able independently to sing church chanting on voices.

Examples for acquaintance

Tropar, tune 3 PDF | mp3
Stepenna, tune 6 PDF | mp3

Wholesale price of the collection 5 $ ~ 4 €


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