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Unchangeable church chanting of Nightlong vigil
and Divine Liturgy

Unchangeable church chanting of Nightlong vigil and Divine Liturgy

The overall objective of this edition to help beginning choristers to master without music education practical skills of church singing, sufficient for harmonious fulfilment of the basic divine services in small arrivals and every day services in city temples.
The structure of the collection includes notes of unchangeable church chanting of nightlong vigil and the Divine liturgy and the cartridge with their sounding. Such combination will help any person not familiar with notes and not having experience of singing in a temple, looking in notes and listening to their exact execution, it is easy to study necessary divine service church chanting. The offered arrangement is as much as possible convenient for any structure. Depending on opportunities of a concrete choir it is possible to vary quantity of voices (from 1-st up to 4). Low female voices can sing a party of the tenor. Execution only two top voices is possible. If it turns out to sing only in a unison (unanimously), it is desirable to study a party of the second female voice (alto). Elderly choristers are recommended to take on service for adjustment of a tonality below.

Examples for acquaintance

1-st song of the canon to the Virgin PDF | mp3
Entrance PDF | mp3

Wholesale price of the collection 3 $ ~ 2.5 €


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